Our Team

Meet our leading ladies who are making an impact on the world.


Shaunah Margaret

Imported from Detroit, Shaunah is a copywriter by day, latin dancer by night. She initiated Women Who Create to form a community of talented minorities in the advertising industry, and provide resources for women to rise to the top of their game. She is passionate about creating connections between people–whether it be in the elevator, in the office, or on the dance floor. She's excited about the future of this new venture, and investing more time into diversity and inclusion programs. 


Ashlea Ramirez

As a Mexican-American Tejana, Ashlea has brought her chingona (boss lady) vibes to Women Who Create in order to move forward the program's initiatives and events. She has a passion for bringing people together, connecting with various cultural communities, and advocating for equal and fair representation for people of color. She is also involved in other diversity and inclusion programs, including the Mi Casa Es Su Casa Network, the Multicultural Student Advertising Program, the Manhattan Early College of Advertising Mentorship Program, and the Most Promising Multicultural Student Program.


Krista White

Krista is an actor, writer, and marketer based in New York City. A graduate of Columbia University, Krista's professional interests include writing, performing, and amplifying stories about women of color. When she is not pursuing her creative career, Krista enjoys Bikram Yoga, listening crime drama audiobooks while walking through the city, and watching literally every Netflix original. 


Lillian Zhao

A native Marylander, Lillian is an art director and designer. She was a fellow for the 4A’s Multicultural Advertising Internship Program as well as a mentee of Women Who Create before she joined the team. Lillian loves all things creative—from bullet journalling to photography—astrology, and binge-watching YouTube videos. Her passions lie in forming spaces where marginalized voices can be heard and people, celebrated.

Griffin_Victoria 3.jpg

Victoria Griffin

Growing up in the deserts of Turkey, Victoria's passion is helping women find the Queen in themselves. Inspired by a love of storytelling, she now works in the NYC as a production stage manager to help artists fulfill on their vision. Her true passion is fighting for the representation of people of color in the media, and bringing them together in spaces where authentic bonds are created and celebrated by the stories of their own lives. 

Allison Headshot.jpg

Allison Chen

Originally from Southern California, Allison found her way to New York City as a social/content strategist and designer. Having been a fellow and mentor for the 4A's Multicultural Advertising Internship Program for 3+ years, she's a through-and-through advocate for diversity and inclusion in the professional world. Allison is passionate about many things including (and not at all limited to) Asian American representation, sustainability, and travel. At any given point in time, she more than likely has her next two trips and concerts already booked.