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This is where the fun begins. Follow the link that best fits what you’re looking for and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Boss lady–this is where you apply:

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one more thing…

We do our best to pair you up with someone as equally awesome as you are, but we can’t always guarantee it’s going to be a perfect match. We’ll tee up the program and give you a flexible structure to work with, but it’s up to both of you to make the most out of this connection.

We’ll also do our best to pair you with someone who has the expertise you’re looking for to succeed. Please be detailed in your application so we can find the right person for you.

We keep our sessions eight weeks so it’s not a long-term commitment if things don’t work out. You’ll get another chance for a more meaningful connection next time. 

Also, please remember we’re learning as each session completes – that means our program gets better and better! So, we appreciate your patience and your great ideas. TY!